Your Turn

Opinion: Economy is top U.S. priority
February 20, 2014
Happy birthday, George, and happy birthday, Abe. While we’re at it, happy birthday to the two other presidents born in February: William Henry Harrison and Ronald Reagan.
Opinion: War on poverty should shift to states
January 31, 2014
America recently marked an important milestone. Jan. 8 was the 50th anniversary of the declaration of war on poverty. This event has intensified an ongoing debate about the federal government’s role in supporting society’s least affluent members.
Opinion: Prof expects more nonsense in ‘14
January 24, 2014
New Year’s Predictions: More nonsense in 2014 Evolution. On Dec. 30, the Pew Research Center reported that the past four years were losers for evolution — at least in Republican circles. The number of Republicans who credit evolution for the Earth’s 50 million or so species of animals, plants and microbes fell by 11 points from 54 percent in 2009 to 43 percent in 2013. One can’t be polite about this. It’s akin to an 11-point drop in people crediting gravity for things falling down, not up. 
Opinion: Bill would fund pediatric research
January 20, 2014
“Stop talking; start doing.” This is what Gabriella Miller, a passionate and dedicated childhood cancer awareness advocate, asked of our nation’s leaders.
Opinion: KSU prof weighs in on social media policy
January 7, 2014
On New Year’s Eve, the Kansas Board of Regents announced that they would be accepting “recommendations for amendments” to their new social media policy until April. While their decision to involve “representatives from each state university” is a welcome change (they passed the policy without consulting any faculty, staff or administration), “amending” this ill-conceived policy is a bit like hiring an architect after you’ve already built the house.
Opinion: Education reform a complex challenge
January 2, 2014
Every few weeks, we read stories about the failure of our schools and colleges. They point to our poor international rankings, low tests scores and graduation rates, high tuition and the problems businesses have in finding skilled employees. 
Opinion: Role of college athletics grows
December 5, 2013
For my 23 years as a university president/chancellor, I encouraged increased emphasis on intercollegiate athletics, believing at the time that the reasons were well founded. In the main, they were.
Your turn: Landlord-tenant tales have two sides
December 3, 2013
When my husband Ray and I bought the brand new little duplex we owned as a rental for 13 years, we thought our elderly mothers might one day want to live there when maintaining their own homes became too difficult for them. In short order, they let us know they had no intention of ever leaving their homes.
Your turn: Compressed natural gas advocated
November 30, 2013
At their Aug. 13 meeting, our city commissioners wisely voted to study the option of moving toward compressed natural gas (CNG) to fuel the city’s fleet of buses, trash trucks and other vehicles before they purchase three new buses. Here are some key points of interest to voters and taxpayers.
Your turn: It’s all about the green bean casserole
November 28, 2013
Recently, I heard the phrase, “Love is the dream…marriage is the alarm clock.” This is the time of year for the annual ringing of our marital alarm. Is it about money? No. Is it about in-laws? No. Is it about household chores? No. It’s about green bean casserole. Forgive me Julia Child, for I have sinned. I love green bean casserole. While it is true that I have taken a number of courses at the Culinary Institute of America and our friends think that our home is one of the best restaurants in town, I can’t help myself. I love green bean casserole.
Opinion: Arts are important part of education
November 25, 2013
This year marks the 100-year anniversary of one of the seminal events in American culture.
Your Turn: Brownback responds to NY Times
Editor’s note: The following letter by Gov. Sam Brownback was written to the New York Times in response to its Oct. 13 editorial.
October 30, 2013
While the citizens of Kansas do appreciate your interest in the quality of education received by our children, it appears you may be unaware of a few simple facts. Therefore, I would respectfully request that you reconsider the conclusions drawn in your recent editorial entitled “Shortchanging Kansas Schoolchildren” in light of the following:
Opinion: Schools must embrace technology
October 15, 2013
In 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon E. Moore predicted that computer processing power would double every two years. Almost 50 years later, his prediction, known as Moore’s Law, has proven to be incredibly accurate.
Opinion: Latinos’ influence growing
September 18, 2013
Tuesday, I met our country’s newest Americans, right here in Lawrence. I had the privilege of addressing the 10th annual naturalization ceremony at Kansas University’s Dole Institute of Politics, held with the support of the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas. This ceremony brought home for me how much things have changed since I started my freshman year at KU 35 years ago this month.
Opinion: Official outlines state aquifer efforts
September 11, 2013
We would like to respond to the “Aquifer addiction” editorial published in the Sept. 4 Journal-World. The recent Kansas State University study has again illustrated the reality of the Ogallala Aquifer. The amount of withdraw continues to exceed the amount of recharge. As pointed out in the study, reducing the amount of pumping to sustainable levels would cause economic devastation. In recognition of that fact, the existing Kansas Water Plan policy is to “conserve and extend” the useful life of the aquifer.