Your Turn

Your turn: Police review should precede new facility
August 20, 2014
Does Lawrence have a disquieting crime problem? It certainly seems that way. Instead of building a $28 million police facility with a shiny bronze plaque memorializing the city fathers, we ought first to determine why our policing strategies aren’t working very well.
Your turn: Local cyclist remembered fondly
August 18, 2014
When Cal Melick was killed on his bicycle last Wednesday, the pulse of the cycling community stopped. When it restarted, it was at a different beat, a sudden dissonant harmonic, missing that fundamental undertone that kept the order of things in the right key. There is no making sense of it. At least not with reason, which has no power to explain or soothe the madness in the random. 
Opinion: Report reveals higher ed bias
August 5, 2014
A recent report from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania sheds important and disturbing new light on racial and gender inequality in higher education.
Your Turn: Planning must respect community vision
July 28, 2014
Lawrence city planning must be guided by a vision that protects the interests and welfare of all residents and safeguards the quality of life we have come to enjoy. Our comprehensive planning document for growth and development, Horizon 2020, provides such a vision and needs to be used as a valued reference tool to evaluate the impact of development projects.
Your turn: Voter registration raises risk of identity theft
July 26, 2014
Starting this year, each person registering to vote for the first time in Kansas must provide proof of citizenship. Though intended to prevent greatly hyped though rarely documented “voter fraud,” this requirement both disenfranchises voters and puts Kansans at risk for identity theft.
Opinion: Liberals must show tolerance
June 17, 2014
Based on conversations with 12 university and college presidents, a continuation of liberal intolerance on campus appears likely in the 2014-2015 school year.
Your Turn: Student decries power play
June 13, 2014
The recent announcement by Kansas Athletics Inc., to reallocate prime student seats to donors is a detriment to student-university relations and an appalling power move against the Student Senate in response to the recent women’s and non-revenue sports fee reduction.
Opinion: Teachers need our support
June 3, 2014
In May, the nation celebrated National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Week.
Your turn: Tour shows Kansans’ respect for Dole
May 26, 2014
“I’m not here to ask you for anything. I’m not asking for your vote and for once I’m not asking for money. I just want to say thank you.” Sen. Bob Dole started off each of his stops with these words on his second tour of Kansas this year while visiting 16 counties in four days.
Opinion: Losing touch with science
May 1, 2014
Two weeks ago, Sen. Jerry Moran deservedly received the Champion of Science Award at Kansas University for being at the forefront of Congress in heralding basic scientific research and discovery. At the ceremony, both he and National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins hammered home how vital science literacy, education, training and research are to the future of the nation, from understanding our universe to curing cancer. 
Your turn: Board of Regents can learn from social media work group
April 15, 2014
In the months since the Kansas Board of Regents passed their widely derided social media policy, many have wondered why they would create a policy so at odds with higher education. One answer is that the regents are political appointees, all but one of whom lack professional expertise in higher education. (Four of the nine are lawyers.)
Your turn: Former editor earned community’s respect
April 12, 2014
It doesn’t seem that long ago when we Lawrence Junior High kids were jamming into the Congregational Church “recreation area” for those church-sponsored Friday night dances. You “old-timers” remember when Pastor Dale Turner in the 1950s opened his heart and church to us Lawrence “Happy Days,” barely teenage, boys and girls. Times change, people grow, and our wonderful Lawrence community continues to thrive. Many people through the years have contributed immensely to local progress. Today I remember a fellow Jayhawk, Bill Mayer.
Your turn: Group says economy strong
April 10, 2014
The Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors quarterly “Indicators of the Kansas Economy” (IKE) report recently has been the subject of careless scrutiny. Some have taken the short-term numbers in this report out of context and misconstrued them, painting a picture of a lagging Kansas economy, when in fact long-term trends reveal that our state’s economy is the healthiest it has been in the last decade.
Your Turn: Threats won’t help save bird
April 8, 2014
The lesser prairie chicken won’t generate much of a buzz in Kansas or the nation. Few know what it is, fewer still what it looks like, and even fewer what good it might be. The name “lesser prairie chicken” lacks the star power of polar bear, Bengal tiger or giant panda. Among birds, it doesn’t evoke the patriotism of the golden eagle, the majesty of the California condor, or the rah rah of Kansas University’s mythical bird, the Jayhawk. And, it’s a “lesser” chicken — not a great blue chicken, like the heron, or an emperor chicken, like the penguin. 
Your turn: Local clinic outlines efforts
April 5, 2014
Health Care Access Clinic is proud to provide high-quality health care to our county’s uninsured, low-income residents. We think everyone in this community, including our patients, deserve to be cared for in a respectful, holistic way that makes them feel like coming back.