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Opinion: Losing touch with science
May 1, 2014
Two weeks ago, Sen. Jerry Moran deservedly received the Champion of Science Award at Kansas University for being at the forefront of Congress in heralding basic scientific research and discovery. At the ceremony, both he and National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins hammered home how vital science literacy, education, training and research are to the future of the nation, from understanding our universe to curing cancer. 
Your turn: Board of Regents can learn from social media work group
April 15, 2014
In the months since the Kansas Board of Regents passed their widely derided social media policy, many have wondered why they would create a policy so at odds with higher education. One answer is that the regents are political appointees, all but one of whom lack professional expertise in higher education. (Four of the nine are lawyers.)
Your turn: Former editor earned community’s respect
April 12, 2014
It doesn’t seem that long ago when we Lawrence Junior High kids were jamming into the Congregational Church “recreation area” for those church-sponsored Friday night dances. You “old-timers” remember when Pastor Dale Turner in the 1950s opened his heart and church to us Lawrence “Happy Days,” barely teenage, boys and girls. Times change, people grow, and our wonderful Lawrence community continues to thrive. Many people through the years have contributed immensely to local progress. Today I remember a fellow Jayhawk, Bill Mayer.
Your turn: Group says economy strong
April 10, 2014
The Governor’s Council of Economic Advisors quarterly “Indicators of the Kansas Economy” (IKE) report recently has been the subject of careless scrutiny. Some have taken the short-term numbers in this report out of context and misconstrued them, painting a picture of a lagging Kansas economy, when in fact long-term trends reveal that our state’s economy is the healthiest it has been in the last decade.
Your Turn: Threats won’t help save bird
April 8, 2014
The lesser prairie chicken won’t generate much of a buzz in Kansas or the nation. Few know what it is, fewer still what it looks like, and even fewer what good it might be. The name “lesser prairie chicken” lacks the star power of polar bear, Bengal tiger or giant panda. Among birds, it doesn’t evoke the patriotism of the golden eagle, the majesty of the California condor, or the rah rah of Kansas University’s mythical bird, the Jayhawk. And, it’s a “lesser” chicken — not a great blue chicken, like the heron, or an emperor chicken, like the penguin. 
Your turn: Local clinic outlines efforts
April 5, 2014
Health Care Access Clinic is proud to provide high-quality health care to our county’s uninsured, low-income residents. We think everyone in this community, including our patients, deserve to be cared for in a respectful, holistic way that makes them feel like coming back.
Opinion: College degree gains in importance
April 3, 2014
Those who question the fundamental value of a college degree need to stand back and accept undisputed facts.
Your turn: Breaking bread with the ‘other’ side
March 31, 2014
The pull of the extreme ends of our political spectrum in recent years, particularly from the right, has widened the divide that our political discourse must cross. Anthropogenic climate change, a given for many of us, with approximately 97 percent of climate scientists agreeing it exists based on decades of research, is portrayed by some on the far right as alarmism resulting from faulty computer models. Such vastly different views are common across many issues. And we often vilify the other side, whether that’s depicting the governor in cartoon image with flames in the background or the governor himself equating abortion with slavery.
Opinion: Fond opening-day memories
March 24, 2014
Larry Doby, the first African-American to play in the American League, liked to talk with me about opening days at old Municipal Stadium in Cleveland.
Your turn: Legislature ties funding to court policy
March 21, 2014
Last year, several legislators crafted a proposal for changing the constitutional process chosen by the people of Kansas for selecting Supreme Court justices. These legislators sought endorsements by the Kansas Bar Association and the Kansas District Judges Association (KDJA).
Your turn: Males, females can succeed together
March 18, 2014
In the article written by Wes Crenshaw and Kendra Schwartz (“Why a generation of boys is failing in school and life,” J-W, March 11), I noticed a somewhat saddening sentiment expressed in Schwartz’s reply to the topic. In her own words, “As a self-proclaimed feminist, I see no harm in girls outperforming boys …” I wanted to address this statement in order to both provide the perspective of a young man and elucidate a school of thought among some feminists that I believe may prove harmful in allowing both genders to flourish.
Your turn: Director has calling to help homeless
February 25, 2014
If the data heads are right and I’ve spent a third of my life sleeping, I’d be willing to wager that I’ve spent another large fraction of my sweet life pie sitting in Community Commission on Homelessness meetings and related gatherings of committees, coalitions and tasking, tsking forces.
Opinion: Economy is top U.S. priority
February 20, 2014
Happy birthday, George, and happy birthday, Abe. While we’re at it, happy birthday to the two other presidents born in February: William Henry Harrison and Ronald Reagan.
Opinion: War on poverty should shift to states
January 31, 2014
America recently marked an important milestone. Jan. 8 was the 50th anniversary of the declaration of war on poverty. This event has intensified an ongoing debate about the federal government’s role in supporting society’s least affluent members.
Opinion: Prof expects more nonsense in ‘14
January 24, 2014
New Year’s Predictions: More nonsense in 2014 Evolution. On Dec. 30, the Pew Research Center reported that the past four years were losers for evolution — at least in Republican circles. The number of Republicans who credit evolution for the Earth’s 50 million or so species of animals, plants and microbes fell by 11 points from 54 percent in 2009 to 43 percent in 2013. One can’t be polite about this. It’s akin to an 11-point drop in people crediting gravity for things falling down, not up.