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Opinion: Politics overwhelms nation’s ideals
November 9, 2014
The first time he said it was 10 years ago. Back then, it seemed a brisk wind in a stuffy room, a reclamation of defining verities somehow lost in the smoke and haze of political expedience. He said it again last week and the effect was starkly different — somehow forlorn, like birthday cake after the party, or a Christmas tree set out on the curb on Jan. 2.
Opinion: Clinton not party’s hope for future
November 9, 2014
Now that two of the last three Democratic presidencies have been emphatically judged to have been failures, the world’s oldest political party — the primary architect of this nation’s administrative state — has some thinking to do. The accumulating evidence that the Democratic Party is an exhausted volcano includes its fixation with stale ideas, such as the supreme importance of a 23rd increase in the minimum wage. Can this party be so blinkered by the modest success of its third recent presidency, Bill Clinton’s, that it will sleepwalk into the next election behind Hillary Clinton? 
Opinion: GOP has opportunity to govern
November 8, 2014
Memo to the GOP. You had a great night on Tuesday. But remember: You didn’t win it. The Democrats lost it.
Opinion: Tunisian pragmatism may inspire U.S.
November 7, 2014
As we debate how Tuesday’s election results will affect government gridlock, I can’t help thinking about two other elections, held last week, in tiny Tunisia and embattled Ukraine.
Opinion: First steps for the GOP Congress
November 6, 2014
Unlike the dog that chased the car until, to its consternation, he caught it, Republicans know what do with what they have caught. Having completed their capture of control of the legislative branch, they should start with the following six measures concerning practical governance and constitutional equilibrium:
Opinion: Video about more than cat calls
November 6, 2014
They say they are going to rape Shoshana Roberts. She’s the star of a hidden camera video that has gone viral. Posted by Hollaback!, a group that campaigns against the street harassment of women — “catcalling” — it shows Roberts taking a silent stroll through New York City. Over the course of 10 hours, she records over a hundred instances of unwanted attention from unknown men.
Opinion: Group advocates cease-fires in Syria
November 5, 2014
With U.S.-backed “moderate” opposition forces on the run in northern Syria, a mediation group is proposing an alternative strategy for local cease-fires and a gradual de-escalation of violence in a future decentralized nation.
Opinion: Student debt also weighs on parents
November 4, 2014
Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been fighting the good fight for student loan debt reform. As she put it recently: “Millions of young people are just stuck. They can’t buy homes, they can’t buy cars … all because they are struggling under the weight of student loan debt.”
Opinion: Election will map U.S. political mind
November 3, 2014
Mix a pitcher of martinis Tuesday evening to fortify yourself against the torrent of election returns painting a pointillist portrait of the nation’s mind. Before you become too mellow to care, consider some indexes of our civic tendencies.
Opinion: New policy player emerging in Iran
November 3, 2014
An intriguing new figure is gaining prominence in the Iranian government just as regional conflicts in Iraq and Syria intensify and nuclear talks with the West move toward a Nov. 24 deadline.
Opinion: News viewers not looking for truth
November 2, 2014
You can’t handle the truth. There is a temptation to take that line from Jack Nicholson — snarled at Tom Cruise in “A Few Good Men” — as the moral of the story, the lesson to be learned from a new study on trustworthiness and the news media.