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Opinion: It’s not just another ‘isolated incident’
April 12, 2015
“You foolish and senseless people, who have eyes, but do not see, who have ears, but do not hear.” — Jeremiah 5:21 So here we are with another isolated incident. That, at least, is how the April 4 police killing of 50-year-old Walter Scott will play in those conservative enclaves where the notion that there is such a thing as systemic racism is regarded as deluded and absurd. Those enclaves will not, of course, be able to claim innocence for now-fired North Charleston, S.C., police officer Michael Slager. As cellphone video captured by a passerby makes brutally clear, Slager repeatedly shot the fleeing, unarmed African-American man in the back after a traffic stop.
Opinion: Iran pact raises constitutional issues
April 12, 2015
This week brings a constitutional moment illustrating a paradox of Barack Obama’s presidency. The catalyst of the drama is legislation proposed by Sen. Bob Corker, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, asserting Congress’ foreign policy responsibilities and prerogatives. The paradox is this:
Opinion: American life is overcriminalized
April 10, 2015
What began as a trickle has become a stream that could become a cleansing torrent. Criticisms of the overcriminalization of American life might catalyze an appreciation of the toll the administrative state is taking on the criminal justice system, and liberty generally.
Opinion: Clinton offers opportunity for the GOP
April 10, 2015
Over the last 65 years, three Democrats — John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama — captured the presidency by running as candidates of generational change against the political status quo.
Opinion: Many details remain in Iran pact
April 9, 2015
There’s a buoyant sense at the White House this week — a feeling that a much-embattled President Obama has achieved the goal he set in January 2009 of engaging Iran on the basis of “mutual interest and mutual respect.” But like the dog who catches the car he’s been chasing, Obama must now worry about what to do next.
Opinion: Debate over gay rights is done
April 8, 2015
The argument is over and conservatives have lost. Some of them just don’t know it yet.
Opinion: Pact framework better than expected
April 7, 2015
Get a grip, people. President Obama is touting the framework deal with Iran as the diplomatic triumph of the century while its critics claim it threatens Israel, us, and the world. Could everyone please take a deep breath?
Opinion: Obama on defensive at summit
April 7, 2015
Until a few weeks ago, it looked like the upcoming Summit of the Americas in Panama would be a golden opportunity for President Barack Obama to seal his announced normalization of ties with Cuba, and remove a decades-long sore point in U.S.-Latin American relations. But with few days to go before the 34-country summit, Obama’s prospects of emerging a big winner look bleak.
Opinion: Columnist tests your baseball IQ
April 6, 2015
Visiting a struggling pitcher on the mound, Baltimore Orioles manager Earl Weaver advised, “If you know how to cheat, start now.” Be advised that Googling is cheating as you try to identify:
Opinion: Crash had 150 victims, not 149
April 6, 2015
What are we to make of Andreas Lubitz piloting a Germanwings airplane into the side of a mountain? There is an unhelpful tautology, meant to be explanatory, that arises at times like this. How could someone have done something this evil? Because they were evil. Or: How could someone have done something this heartless? Because they were heartless.
Opinion: Nation survives despite contradictions
April 5, 2015
On the day after the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, Abraham Lincoln appeared at a second-floor window of the White House. He was acceding to the wishes of citizens who had gathered to serenade their president in this moment of victory. They called for a speech but Lincoln demurred. Instead he asked the band to play “Dixie.”