Syndicated Columns

Opinion: Social conservatism is ‘us vs. them’
May 28, 2015
For all the decades of its existence, American social conservatism has been rooted in a premise simple enough to be fully expressed in just three words: Us versus them.
Opinion: Secret source a distraction on Libya?
May 27, 2015
Secretaries of state have had private contacts since the job was created, so it’s a mistake to get too indignant about Hillary Clinton’s email exchanges about Libya with her longtime friend, Sidney Blumenthal. Still, these messages offer some useful insights about the court politics of Washington, and the way policymaking can be overwhelmed by trivia and personal puffery.
Opinion: Sisi regime fuels discontent in Egypt
May 26, 2015
If you were looking for an Egyptian who could help his country fulfill the lost promise of the Arab Spring — some day — you couldn’t do better than Emad Shahin, an internationally renowned and liberal scholar who studies political Islam.
Opinion: Drones need regulation to protect privacy
May 26, 2015
The Federal Aviation Administration is in the midst of a public rule making for drones. This is an important process that will help ensure that drones are safely deployed in civilian airspace in the United States.
Opinion: Political middle on decline in U.S.
May 25, 2015
Hillary Clinton’s move to the left on trade and other issues is a reminder of the growing power of activists on the wings in presidential nominating politics — and a corresponding diminution of the power of the center.
Opinion: WWII vets led anti-war movement
May 25, 2015
This year, Memorial Day comes on the heels of two big anniversaries — the 70th observance of V-E Day and the 45th of the evacuation of the U.S. embassy in Vietnam.
Opinion: Veteran forced to make shameful choice
May 24, 2015
Before he tried marijuana, he thought of trying suicide. Heavy drinking hadn’t helped. Nor had various pills prescribed by Veterans Affairs doctors. He was still angry, still depressed, still could not sleep.
Opinion: Senator tackles war power issues
May 24, 2015
The Revolutionary War and Civil War ended in Virginia, which was involved, by the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon, in the beginning of today’s war with radical Islam. Now a Virginia senator is determined that today’s war shall not continue indefinitely without the legitimacy conferred by congressional involvement congruent with the Constitution’s text and history.
Opinion: American pessimism is nothing new
May 23, 2015
Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who’s running for the Republican presidential nomination, issued a stark warning recently. “Today, for the first time in history, a majority of Americans believe that our kids will have a worse life than we do,” Cruz told conservatives in South Carolina. “That has never been true in the history of America until this instant, right now — maybe the most un-American idea you can imagine.”
Opinion: Evaluating U.S. mistakes in Iraq
May 22, 2015
Ramadi falls. The Iraqi army flees. The great 60-nation anti-Islamic State coalition so grandly proclaimed by the Obama administration is nowhere to be seen. Instead, it’s the defense minister of Iran who flies into Baghdad, an unsubtle demonstration of who’s in charge — while the U.S. air campaign proves futile and America’s alleged strategy for combating the Islamic State is in freefall.
Opinion: Capital punishment on its way out
May 21, 2015
Without a definitive judicial ruling or other galvanizing event, a perennial American argument is ending. Capital punishment is withering away. It is difficult to imagine moral reasoning that would support the conclusion that an injustice will be done when, years hence, the death penalty finally is administered to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon terrorist who placed a bomb in a crowd and then strolled to safety. Sentencing to death those who commit heinous crimes satisfies a sense of moral proportionality. This is, however, purchased with disproportionate social costs, as Nebraska seems to be concluding.