Syndicated Columns

Opinion: Terrorist strategies are destined to fail
August 23, 2014
The propagandists of the Islamic State must have imagined that their brutal video of the beheading of journalist James Foley would intimidate and terrorize the world. But people aren’t built that way, not in Muslim countries or anywhere else. When they see sadistic, uncivilized behavior, they are disgusted — and angry.
Opinion: Obama must broaden strategy
August 22, 2014
Baghdad called President Obama’s bluff and he came through. He had refused to provide air support to Iraqi government forces until the Iraqis got rid of their divisive sectarian prime minister.
Opinion: Overreach hurts government
August 21, 2014
In physics, a unified field theory is an attempt to explain with a single hypothesis the behavior of several fields. Its political corollary is the Cupcake Postulate, which explains everything, from Missouri to Iraq, concerning Americans’ comprehensive withdrawal of confidence from government at all levels and all areas of activity.
Opinion: After Ferguson? Let’s try education
August 21, 2014
What next? That’s what should concern us now. When the nightly dance of angry protesters, opportunistic criminals, and inept police clashing over the shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown finally ends, what steps should civic-minded people take to address the ongoing abuse of African Americans by the criminal injustice system? Not just in Ferguson, Mo., but in America?
Opinion: Aspen group debates Russia policy
August 20, 2014
At the public kickoff of a discussion here about U.S. policy toward Russia and Ukraine, former Defense Secretary Robert Gates joked that his favorite definition of diplomacy was “petting a dog and saying ‘nice doggie’ until you can find a rock.”
Opinion: Obama tests lame-duck limits
August 19, 2014
There are two words every president, including Barack Obama, hates to hear: “lame duck.” He’s in year six of his eight-year run. His biggest accomplishments are all in the past; his remaining proposals are stymied by Congress. His popularity is mired near 40 percent, and voters tell pollsters they see him as a leader “who can’t get things done.”
Opinion: Politics takes toll on Facebook ‘friends’
August 18, 2014
Shortly after Israel invaded the Gaza Strip in 2009, a close Muslim friend I’d known since elementary school suddenly disappeared from my Facebook feed. She’d been excoriating Israel in her posts, and I’d said nothing. Then I posted a statistic showing the number of Hamas-fired missiles landing in southern Israel, where my husband has family. That same day, I noticed my friend had written “OMG!!” under my post. And then she was gone.
Opinion: Spotlight shines on police abuses
August 17, 2014
Looks like police in Ferguson, Missouri, took it upon themselves to suspend the First Amendment Wednesday night.
Opinion: Curbing ‘inversions’ is wrong move
August 17, 2014
Barack Obama, presiding over an unusually dismal post-recession economy, might make matters worse with a distracting crusade against the minor and sensible business practice called “inversion,” more about which anon. So, consider his credentials as an economic thinker.
Opinion: Islamic state won’t dwindle on its own
August 16, 2014
The Obama administration’s Iraq policy seems premised on the idea that the terrorist Islamic State is so toxic that it will be self-limiting and ultimately self-defeating. But that’s not the view of senior U.S. intelligence officials.
Opinion: U.S. must fight ISIS sooner, not later
August 16, 2014
When liberal Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and the conservative former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich agree on something, attention should be paid.