Local Columns

Opinion: Exulting in Mardi Gras excess
April 6, 2014
Some irresistible need must make members of our species attempt to escape from the prison of their skins. I was standing at the corner of Frenchman and Royal streets in New Orleans, and towards me flowed a stream of human beings magically transformed: A penguin, baboon, zebra, sea horse, alligator, gorilla, bear — the entire animal kingdom usurped by intoxicated women and men.
Your turn: Local clinic outlines efforts
April 5, 2014
Health Care Access Clinic is proud to provide high-quality health care to our county’s uninsured, low-income residents. We think everyone in this community, including our patients, deserve to be cared for in a respectful, holistic way that makes them feel like coming back.
Saturday Column: Why do Koch contributions trigger such scorn?
April 5, 2014
Earlier this week, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a decision that changes the law on how much money an individual can give to political candidates. The decision maintains the previous $123,000 limit to a single candidate but allows an individual to give the same amount to any number of candidates.
Opinion: College degree gains in importance
April 3, 2014
Those who question the fundamental value of a college degree need to stand back and accept undisputed facts.
Your turn: Breaking bread with the ‘other’ side
March 31, 2014
The pull of the extreme ends of our political spectrum in recent years, particularly from the right, has widened the divide that our political discourse must cross. Anthropogenic climate change, a given for many of us, with approximately 97 percent of climate scientists agreeing it exists based on decades of research, is portrayed by some on the far right as alarmism resulting from faulty computer models. Such vastly different views are common across many issues. And we often vilify the other side, whether that’s depicting the governor in cartoon image with flames in the background or the governor himself equating abortion with slavery.
Saturday Column: Player unions would vastly change college athletics
March 29, 2014
The ruling earlier this week by a National Labor Relations Board official that Northwestern University football players are employees of the university and have the right to unionize and bargain for salaries is sure to have a huge impact on so-called amateur collegiate sports.
Opinion: Fond opening-day memories
March 24, 2014
Larry Doby, the first African-American to play in the American League, liked to talk with me about opening days at old Municipal Stadium in Cleveland.
Saturday Column: Politicians, like athletes, should play by the rules
March 22, 2014
Millions of Americans currently are engaged one way or another with the NCAA basketball tournament. Some are participating in office pools or filling out brackets predicting how far the 64 teams will advance, and thousands upon thousands of fans will fill arenas around the country to watch their favorite teams in action.
Your turn: Legislature ties funding to court policy
March 21, 2014
Last year, several legislators crafted a proposal for changing the constitutional process chosen by the people of Kansas for selecting Supreme Court justices. These legislators sought endorsements by the Kansas Bar Association and the Kansas District Judges Association (KDJA).
Opinion: Kansans should reclaim power
March 19, 2014
It was reported this week that during a hearing on a proposed bill to ban judicial lobbying, Craig Gabel, from Kansans for Liberty, said that he was testifying on behalf of the “common citizens” of Kansas. When I read this, I immediately began to wonder about how the “common citizen” of Kansas actually gets heard in the Legislature. Indeed, I began to wonder whether the views of the ordinary Kansan are heard in Topeka anymore.
Your turn: Males, females can succeed together
March 18, 2014
In the article written by Wes Crenshaw and Kendra Schwartz (“Why a generation of boys is failing in school and life,” J-W, March 11), I noticed a somewhat saddening sentiment expressed in Schwartz’s reply to the topic. In her own words, “As a self-proclaimed feminist, I see no harm in girls outperforming boys …” I wanted to address this statement in order to both provide the perspective of a young man and elucidate a school of thought among some feminists that I believe may prove harmful in allowing both genders to flourish.
Saturday Column: KU deserves more support in Kansas Legislature
March 15, 2014
It’s time for Kansas University officials and a number of Kansas legislators to take off their sparring gloves and come clean with the public about why lawmakers seem determined to stiff-arm the university’s requests for funding of high-priority projects.
Saturday Column: Voters must look at facts, not promises, in 2014
March 8, 2014
The next seven months are going to be an extremely rough-and-tumble period in both the national and state political scenes.
Opinion: Putin likely to do what he wants, regardless of attempts to punish
March 5, 2014
The current situation in the Ukraine, especially the movement of Russian troops in the Crimea and the continuing threat that Russian troops may enter other parts of the war-torn country, has been the source of international outrage and, in the United States, calls for action to protect pro-Western factions in Ukraine.
Opinion: More equality, more mediocrity
March 2, 2014
Inequality is in the news. Inequality has been declared the crisis of our times. Ingenious politicians have made the startling discovery that some people have more stuff than others. And they are promising to do something about it.