Saturday Column

Saturday Column: Length of university leaders’ tenure is regents’ call
March 1, 2014
The question of how long Kansas University Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little will remain as KU’s leader has been raised by Kansas Senate Democratic leader Anthony Hensley.
Saturday Column: How does tie to ‘crazies’ impact Lawrence’s image?
February 22, 2014
Lawrence attracted national and world attention this week not for the excellence of numerous academic programs at Kansas University, not for programming at the Dole Institute of Politics, not for the nationally ranked KU basketball team, Haskell Indian Nations University, the unique and successful Lawrence Community Shelter or for many other assets of the community.
Saturday Column: November elections key to setting nation’s course
February 15, 2014
It is becoming increasingly clear that the upcoming midterm elections for the U.S. House and Senate, along with a number of governors’ races, are going to be far more important than most elections.
Saturday Column: How will funding shifts impact higher education?
February 8, 2014
Is it time for someone or some group to consider the possibility of changing the way Kansas Board of Regents universities are managed?
Saturday Column: University faculty could be great legislative resource
February 1, 2014
The relationship between Kansas University and the Kansas Legislature is not good. Consequently, both the state and the university are being shortchanged. In past years, this relationship has been better — probably due to a number of reasons such as a better national and state economy, better leadership from the university, a more positive attitude among state lawmakers relative to higher education, a more demanding and performance-oriented Kansas Board of Regents and, perhaps, more support for higher education by the public. In recent years, the misunderstanding, mistrust, acrimony and back-biting between KU leaders, faculty members, state legislators and, to some extent, the governor’s office seem to have intensified.
Saturday Column: How will history look back on the Obama years?
January 18, 2014
Twenty-five or 50 years from now, what will knowledgeable observers say about what happened to the United States during the “Obama years”?
Saturday Column: How important is education to Kansas leaders?
January 11, 2014
The Kansas Legislature will start its 2014 session in two days. It is supposed to last 90 days, but if history is any model, it likely will end up exceeding this time frame with many of the most important and difficult issues being decided in the last few hours, thereby causing extensions of the prescribed timetable.
Saturday Column: Lack of honesty undercuts confidence in president
December 7, 2013
What should Americans think when their president does not tell the truth? What should foreign leaders think when the U.S. president does not tell the truth?
Saturday Column: KU football needs more than promise of ‘next year’
November 30, 2013
Earlier this week, a Journal-World editorial congratulated all those associated with Kansas University football for the excellent academic record posted by the players. For the second year in a row, KU placed 19 players on the Big 12 academic football team, tying for the top spot with Oklahoma.
Saturday Column: Teammate’s death spurs reflection on football changes
November 23, 2013
Mike McCormack, one of Kansas University’s finest athletes, died last week in Palm Desert, Calif. McCormack played football at KU in 1948, ‘49 and ‘50 and enjoyed a Hall of Fame career as a professional football player and as a coach, director of football operations and president of an NFL team.
Simons’ Saturday Column: Quality of regents is critically important to the state
November 16, 2013
How does the state of Kansas strengthen and build the excellence of its regents system of universities?
Saturday Column: KU should explore medical research opportunity
November 9, 2013
Last week, residents of Kansas City’s Jackson County rejected a proposal to boost medical research with $800 million in new taxpayer funds. The plan was to OK a half-cent, 20-year sales tax to fund “translational research” at two private hospitals — Children’s Mercy and St. Luke’s — and raise $40 million annually to recruit top scientists for cutting edge research at the participating hospitals and approximately $4 million to aid in economic development programs.
Saturday Column: Obama voter data a valuable campaign commodity
November 2, 2013
Although President Obama has three-plus years before he vacates the Oval Office, there is increasing speculation about what he will do after serving as the world’s most powerful individual.