Saturday Column

Simons’ Saturday Column: KU mission should include helping grads find jobs
March 30, 2013
Kansas University commencement exercises are two months away, on Sunday, May 19. It would be interesting to know what percentage of the graduates have jobs lined up that tie in with their studies at the university. A substantial number of the men and women may be considering graduate studies, and there will be those who choose to enter one of the nation’s military branches.
Simons’ Saturday Column: KU needs new tactics in its pursuit of state funding
March 23, 2013
Throughout the country, state legislatures are trying to figure out how to accommodate appeals for increased funding for a multitude of programs while also trying to minimize, or even reduce, tax rates on their residents. At the same time, these state lawmakers must factor in the unknowns relative to the level of federal funding their states will receive and how this will affect the overall fiscal picture of each state.
Simons’ Saturday Column: Tax breaks for college athletic ‘charity’ spur scrutiny
March 16, 2013
Earlier this week, Fox News had a story that should be of great interest to fans of Kansas University athletic programs and those who are generous in their fiscal contributions to the KU Endowment Association. The story told of a $250 million renovation of the football stadium at the University of Washington in Seattle. According to the Fox News report, the current nationwide race for the best football stadiums is the “rage” among universities and their athletics departments. However, “some might be surprised to learn that taxpayers are footing a part of the bill.”
Simons’ Saturday Column: College academic, athletic salaries are out of whack
March 9, 2013
It is wrong to make comparisons between individuals, their talents, their value to a school, their earning power, their schooling or any other measurements, but the fact is, the primary mission of a university is to teach, inspire and motivate students to be contributing members of our society. Teachers and academic administrators on these campuses are left in the dust when it comes to financial compensation. By Dolph C. Simons Jr.
Simons’ Saturday Column: Solid funding base is best gift for Dole anniversary
March 2, 2013
In four months, on July 22, the Dole Institute of Politics will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. Also on July 22, Sen. Bob Dole will be celebrating his 90th birthday. These two events should focus attention on the importance of both Sen. Dole and the Dole Institute to Lawrence, Kansas University and the state of Kansas.
Simons’ Saturday Column: Clinic’s high standards provide example for others
February 23, 2013
“We can no longer take for granted that what makes Mayo so special will continue,” said Dr. Michael Brennan, director of Mayo Clinic’s program in professionalism and ethics. He is a consultant in the division of endocrinology, diabetes, metabolism and nutrition at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and a professor of medicine. “Rather,” he adds, “we must take deliberate, meaningful steps to make sure the values of professionalism are internalized by all who work here.” Think how great it would be if this were the prevailing philosophy or motto of most private businesses, even our government.
Simons’ Saturday Column: Technology moves from comics to potential threat
February 16, 2013
It would be a serious mistake to sell short the Chinese threat or, for that matter, the ability and determination of leaders or schemers in other countries to use cyber or space technology to make America — for years the world’s most powerful and respected country — into a damaged shell of itself as an international leader. By Dolph C. Simons, Jr.
Simons’ Saturday Column: KU can’t afford to fall behind online course trends
February 2, 2013
Complacency is one of the most deadly and damaging afflictions, whether it involves the behavior of an individual, a business organization or even a university. By Dolph C. Simons Jr.
Simons’ Saturday Column: Democratic presidential race is already under way
January 26, 2013
The 2016 Democratic presidential nomination race is under way, with the public seeing two top contenders, Vice President Joe Biden and outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, making it clear earlier this week they have a deep interest in the nomination. By Dolph C. Simons Jr.
Simons’ Saturday Column: Focus on sports, athletes has gotten out of whack
January 19, 2013
The number of news stories this week focusing on sports-related matters should be of concern to far more individuals than is the case.
Simons’ Saturday Column: Lawmakers should focus on nation, not re-election
January 5, 2013
How can Congress fail to take positive action relative to the “fiscal cliff” matter and allow continued, uncontrolled growth of government?
Simons’ Saturday Column: Despite odd search, KU makes strong Med Center hire
December 29, 2012
Kansas University Medical Center hired a winner in new Executive Vice Chancellor Doug Girod.
Simons’ Saturday Column: Unique development arrangement raises questions
December 15, 2012
What started as a relatively simple, clear-cut scheme to develop a good — actually, an excellent — city recreation center has turned into a tangled, confusing and embarrassing mess.