Editorial: Safe speed?
Other factors may be involved, but the fact that fatal accidents have nearly doubled since the speed limit was raised on some Kansas highways warrants some additional scrutiny.
December 27, 2014
The Kansas Department of Transportation has released some notable numbers on the increase in fatal accidents on highways where the state raised the speed limit three years ago.
Opinion: Jeb Bush on immigration, education
December 27, 2014
In 1968, a singularly traumatic year — assassinations, urban riots, 16,899 Americans killed in Vietnam — Vice President Hubert Humphrey, the ebullient Minnesotan, said his presidential campaign was about “the politics of joy.” This was considered infelicitous.
Opinion: U.S. needs immigrants’ skills
December 27, 2014
When the topic is immigration, Democrats and Republicans alike continue to focus almost entirely on a single question: what to do about the millions of low-skill immigrants — mostly from Latin America — who are in the U.S. illegally.
Opinion: U.S. finally making progress in Iraq
December 27, 2014
Watching events unfold in Iraq this year has been like viewing a slow-motion train wreck. Tribal leaders have been warning since spring about the rise of the terrorist Islamic State and pleading for American help. But after months of slaughter, the United States is only now beginning to build an effective tribal-assistance program.
Opinion: ‘Unbroken’ film misses key plot point
December 27, 2014
I wanted to like the movie because I love the book. Laura Hillenbrand’s bestseller, “Unbroken,” is a classic.
Editorial: Good trade?
Maybe this year’s results will be better, but the downward trend in the percentage and actual dollars of child support collected in Kansas bears watching.
December 25, 2014
A system that is more efficient but collects fewer child support dollars for Kansas families doesn’t seem like a step in the right direction.
Opinion: Jeb Bush’s exploration spurs reaction
December 25, 2014
It took only hours for Jeb Bush’s announcement he will “actively explore” a presidential bid to show the former Florida governor what running for the White House is like these days.
Opinion: Obama’s foreign policy surprises
December 25, 2014
Six months ago, President Obama’s foreign policy looked stymied. Negotiations with Israel and the Palestinians were at a dead end. Russia was gaining ground in eastern Ukraine. U.S. efforts to end the war in Syria were ineffective. A new extremist army, Islamic State, was marching into Iraq.
Opinion: Cuba spurs deranged passions
December 25, 2014
Barack Obama has made a geopolitical irrelevancy suddenly relevant to American presidential politics. For decades, Cuba has been instructive as a museum of two stark failures: socialism and the U.S. embargo. Now, Cuba has become useful as a clarifier of different Republican flavors of foreign-policy thinking. The permanent embargo was imposed in 1962 in the hope of achieving, among other things, regime change. Well.
Opinion: Ways to help in Mideast, elsewhere
December 25, 2014
Readers often ask how they can help address some of the humanitarian tragedies I write about, including the impact of the Syrian civil war and the savagery of ISIS, which have produced floods of traumatized refugees.
Editorial: Christmas peace
The struggle for peace on Earth continues.
December 24, 2014
“Peace on Earth” is a common phrase on Christmas greeting cards but an all-too-rare reality around the world. Those of us who can celebrate Christmas by gathering with friends and family to enjoy a bounty of food and gifts should understand just how fortunate we are.
Opinion: Financial expertise should be valued
December 24, 2014
The revival of the U.S. financial system after the crash of 2008 is arguably the Obama administration’s biggest domestic policy success. But Sen. Elizabeth Warren, in her jihad against Wall Street, seems determined to devalue this accomplishment — and to make financial expertise a mark of shame for Democrats, rather than a source of pride.
Editorial: Fix is needed
The recent controversy over appointments to the Saline County Commission points out a needed change in Kansas statutes.
December 24, 2014
The good news about the closed process Gov. Sam Brownback used to fill two new seats on the Saline County Commission is that it drew attention to a state statute that needs to be changed.
Opinion: U.S.-Cuba saga likely to continue
December 23, 2014
President Barack Obama’s new policy of seeking a normalization of ties with Cuba may have been a good decision in light of the failure of the six-decade-old U.S. embargo, but one of the biggest — and least talked about — lingering questions is whether the Cuban regime will allow it to happen.
Editorial: Community effort?
The East Lawrence Neighborhood Association’s suggested role in formulating plans for a new arts corridor are simply unreasonable.
December 23, 2014
The residents of East Lawrence should be an important part of the planning for a proposed arts corridor along Ninth Street, but the East Lawrence Neighborhood Association’s vision of its role in this project is a bit out of whack.