Latest Douglas County court filings for May 7, 2018

photo by: Joe Preiner

The Douglas County Courthouse.


Jonathan Lee Hake, 31, Lawrence, and Theresa Lee Toplikar, 26, Tonganoxie.

John Arthur Hudspeth Jr., 60, Aviston, Ill., and Kimberly Kay Moore, 58, Aviston, Ill.

Kye Patrick Evans, 50, Lawrence, and Cheyanne Elizabeth Morris, 30, Lawrence.

Kenneth Ryan Moulder, 29, Lawrence, and Kaitlyn Iris Perry, 27, Lawrence.

Katherine Kemmerly Weber, 31, Lawrence, and Joseph Ian Scholz, 36, Lawrence.

Justin Whitten, 36, Lawrence, and Kelly Reynolds, 38, Lawrence.

Ian Troy Shuler, 33, Lawrence, and Kelly Marie Pettengill, 36, Lawrence.

Kimberly G. Blue, 37, Lawrence, and Vernon Earl Riddle, 48, Lawrence.

Erick Scholz Morales, 32, Lawrence, and Laura Elizabeth Rollins, 33, Lawrence.

John Eadie, 39, Lawrence, and Sarah Gross, 38, Lawrence.

Carter Lee Gaskins Jr., 36, Lawrence, and Shanice Franktal Vamado, 30, Lawrence.

Callie Valentine Craig, 28, Baldwin, and Joshua Daniel Beaulieu, 29 Baldwin.

Jennifer Elise Maranell, 28, Viola, and Richard Christopher Grace, 30, Peabody.

Michael Alan Kennedy, 35, Lawrence, and Echo Amaris Satterly, 38, Lawrence.


Hollie S. Journey-Zell, 38, Linwood, and Devin Zell, 40, Lawrence.

Eric (Rik) Abrahamson, 49, Lawrence, and Shannon Abrahamson.

Jayce A. Rymer, 25, Basehor, and Shelby L. Rymer, 26, Lawrence.

Elizabeth Black, 39, Lawrence, and Matthew B. Black.

Shannon R. DeVader, 37, Lawrence, and Travis E. DeVader, 41, Lawrence.

Brent Barbee, 48, Lawrence, and Sherry Barbee, Lawrence.

Anthony Brewer, 29, Olathe, and Baylee Brewer, 28, Eudora.

Shala D. London, 46, Lawrence, and William J. London, 50, Lawrence.

Julianne Alexandra Affalter, 32, Lawrence, and Daniel L. Affalter,

Julius Ssemanda, 31, Lawrence, and Ivy Wagner, 36, Lawrence.

Randy James Thrower, 42, Olathe, and Beverly JoAnn Thrower, 51, Lecompton.


Hilda Elizabeth Garcia, 117 First St., Baldwin City.

Robert D. Bias and Patricia A. Miles, 927 Jasara Circle, Baldwin City.

Mary K. Evans, 5710 Longleaf Drive, Lawrence.

Scott Randall Daniels, 1145 Delaware St., Lawrence.


The Douglas County sheriff holds a public auction of foreclosed property at 10 a.m. every Thursday in the jury assembly room of the Douglas County Courthouse. Anyone can bid, including the previous owner.

No new foreclosures in Douglas County.