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12:00 a.m.
Martha Sutton, wife of Floyd Sutton, sits among a few of her husbands extensive collection of antique record players now on exhibit in Blue Rapids as "Fib's Collection of Record Proportions: 94 Years in the Making." Floyd died earlier this year. Collection of antique record players, ‘94 years in the making,’ on display in Blue Rapids
August 11, 2013
The collection looks something like an expensive department store from an earlier century, dropped into our world through a time warp: finely-polished cabinet Gramophones, hand-cranked contraptions that play songs on wax cylinders, phonographs with giant multi-colored horns, player harmonicas, pianolas, harpanolas, and pianoharps. There are hundreds more. It is “Fib’s Collection of Record Proportions: 94 Years in the Making.” By Ian Cummings
6:00 a.m.
Family doctor Sherri Vaughn is approaching her 15th year of practicing in Lawrence. Like many communities across the country, Lawrence is facing a shortage of primary care providers. Vaughn helps recruit primary care physicians for Lawrence Memorial Hospital. Community tries to recruit more primary care providers
August 11, 2013
While primary care may not be thought of as glamorous or sexy, it’s one of the most critical parts of the medical system, preventing illnesses before they become acute and nudging people in the direction of healthy lifestyle choices. But Lawrence, like many communities across the country, faces a shortage of primary care providers, a problem that could be worsened if, as expected, the Affordable Care Act adds millions more people to the health-insurance rolls. By Giles Bruce
5:40 p.m.
Willow Springs School, 1959-1960. Pictured are: (Back Row Left) Mrs. Doris Pratt, teacher, Marshall Urich, Stanley Flory, Virgil Newell, Allen Flory, Carl Flory, Howard Flory, Sharon (Russel) Dwyer, Janet (Churchbaugh) Grant, Wanda (Herschell) Gaggero. (Front Row Left) Connie (Churchbaugh) Hey, Paul Jamison, Annette (Ulrich) Bennett, Bob Russell, Calvin Wrightsman, Mike Flory, Norman Beeghley, Joyce (Flory) Hawkins, Wanda (Flory) Rinehart, Marian (Beeghley) Fife, Murray Flory, Marjorie Brohammer, Charles Beeghley. Photos provided by Mike Flory Lawhorn’s Lawrence: When a small classroom produces big lessons
August 11, 2013
At the old one-room Willow Spring Schoolhouse, ther may have just been one classroom to learn in, but there were lessons being taught everywhere, whether it was a teacher’s sportsmanship on the softball field, a nature lesson in an outhouse or an exercise in the human spirit when an older student would come over to help a younger one. On Saturday, a reunion will celebrate memories of the school. By Chad Lawhorn

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