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Northeast Kansas facing critical blood shortage

Lawrence resident Sherry Manley gives blood during a drive in September 2009 at a Lawrence church. The Community Blood Center, which supplies blood to 73 hospitals in Missouri and Kansas, including Lawrence Memorial Hospital, is encouraging people to donate.

Lawrence resident Sherry Manley gives blood during a drive in September 2009 at a Lawrence church. The Community Blood Center, which supplies blood to 73 hospitals in Missouri and Kansas, including Lawrence Memorial Hospital, is encouraging people to donate.

January 12, 2010


Northeast Kansas facing critical blood shortage

Northeast Kansas is facing a critical blood shortage. The Community Blood Center, which supplies blood to Lawrence Memorial Hospital, is asking for your help. Enlarge video

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Stann Tate

Stann Tate


The Community Blood Center usually has at least 600 units of blood every day.

It now has 265 units.

It needs 580 units.

The optimum level is a three-to-five-day supply.

It is at a half-day supply.

Lawrence blood drives are:

• Friday, Jan. 15, from 8 a.m. to noon, Douglas County Employees Emergency Management Conference Room, 111 E. 11th St.

• Wednesday, Jan. 27, from noon to 5 p.m., Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints gym, 3655 W. 10th St.

• Visit for more drives and center locations.

“January is tough, especially coming off the holidays. Everyone has parties, they are traveling out of town and shopping, and then you hit January and it’s cold. But, when you throw on a blizzard that closes down schools and businesses where we do a lot of our collections that really, really hurts us.”

— Stann Tate, director of marketing for the Community Blood Center.

The center supplies blood to 73 hospitals in Missouri and Kansas, including Lawrence Memorial Hospital.

LMH has 60units.

It needs 68 units.

Supplies expected to dwindle in coming days.

“When we order blood, we are told, ‘We are at a critical level and so we can’t send you blood sometimes.’ So, we are having to substitute blood types.”

— Faith Nilhas, LMH blood bank supervisor

Ready to give? You must be:

• At least 16 years old.

• A minimum of 115 pounds.

• In good health.

“Blood is life. Give it.”

— Faith Nilhas, LMH blood bank supervisor


Susan Rickman 7 years ago

Can I give blood if I'm on medication? What other qualifications are there for blood donation?

Jonathan Kealing 7 years ago


Look at this page, go down to medication, for a list of what medications are and aren't OK:,1082,0_557_,00.html

Jonathan Kealing Online editor

taucetiman 7 years ago

Although the article doesn't state it, in additional to red blood cells there is also need for other blood components especially for platelets which are only good for five days. Thus, a constant level of new donations is necessary. If you blood type is A+, B+ or AB+ please consider making this type of donation, which is done at a CBC donor center.

Susan Mangan 7 years ago

Just FYI...anyone with any negative blood type, and O negative, in particular, is particularly helpful. O negative is the universal donor and can be given to is used during traumas and other emergencies when there is no time to type and crossmatch. The other negatives can be given to patients with the same type AND corresponding positive types because they lack the rH factor that could cause a reaction. When they are critically low on types, extra units of negative can be a life-saver...literally. if you know you have a negative blood type, really consider donating. You never know when you could be the one who desperately needs a transfusion.

LoveThsLife 7 years ago

I'll be going to the one on the 27th....I went last time and it was pretty quick..they also have child care provided.

average 7 years ago

@taucetiman -

I am one of those types. I used to do platelets when I could. I'm not driving 60 miles round-trip several times a month to do it.

schula 7 years ago

Every one that can, please donate at a local blood drive. The supply is critical.

Yes, it is a terrible thing that the center here in Lawrence closed. There are still alternatives to giving -- check out the blood drives listed above or go to to find one closer to you.

Susan Mangan 7 years ago

None2 - sorry for the confusion. Yes, you are right. I didn't want to type a huge book, so I stuck with explaining the negatives because, stastically, they are significantly rarer than the positive types and more difficult to get donations of. ALL blood types are needed. The negative types can be used "in exchange" for all of the comparable positives, but there are other exchanges possible, too, such as the one you mentioned.

On that note...I work in an ICU in the KC metro and gave O negative blood to an O positive patient the other day, for the first time ever in my 10+ year career. That stood out to me because they generally try to conserve O neg for the emergencies I mentioned and O neg patients, since they can't receive whole blood from any other type. You can tell there is a shortage, because we just don't do that when the patient has bern crossmatched, usually.

Eric Neuteboom 7 years ago

Does anyone know if these are all walk-in clinics? On the website, for the 11th St clinic on Friday, all appointments are blocked off as unavailable?

MYOB 7 years ago

Stull UMC is having a blood drive on Sunday, the 17th, from noon-4:00. Not a Lawrence address, I realize, but less than a 10 minute drive west from 6th and Wakarusa. You can sign up online for appointments or walk in.

Karrey Britt 7 years ago

I wanted to add that the American Red Cross is having a nationwide shortage of O negative blood, but it's not critical. Type O negative is the universal donor and can give blood to any other blood type. Seven percent of the population has this type. Here's more information about blood types

Karrey Britt 7 years ago

Coach Eric — Stann is looking into the Friday appointments. I will let you know what he finds out.

Karrey Britt 7 years ago

ShePrecedes. The Lawrence center was closed due to lack of donations.

doolittle 7 years ago

The blood drive on Jan. 27, is accepting walk-ins. I believe most drives would, it's just that those with appointments will be taken first and then walk-ins will be squeezed in when they have a spot.

Karrey Britt 7 years ago

Yeah Lawrence! Stann said the drive's appointments are full for Friday's drive. They are currently working to extend the drive two more hours to accommodate 25 to 30 more donors. Way to go. I will let you know if they are able to extend the drive.

Karrey Britt 7 years ago

They have extended the drive. I will be posting a new blog when I get a few more details. Awesome!

Belinda Rehmer 7 years ago

I am O neg and have had the privilage of watching a baby grow into a young lady because I was able to donate blood directly to her when she was an infant. Several gallons later, I think of her every time I give. She has no idea who I am, so the blessing has been completely mine. It's wonderful to think there are others out there who are growing and healthy because I took an hour out of my life to share. One hour 3 times a year.

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