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In-law-proof your home

November 24, 2008


Sure, your beloved in-laws are stopping by to spend some quality time with you. But don’t kid yourself they’re also there to snoop. So hide the vices and steal these tips to make your abode more parentally gratifying.

Whip out family photos: Um, yeah...that photograph of you and all your girlfriends drinking foot-long Hurricanes in Cancun — not so in-law friendly. Replace your less-than-angelic pics with family photos (son plus his beaming mom at the wedding is always a hit).

Bring out the blooms: Remember after your wedding, when you looked at each other and said, “What the hell are we going to do with all of these vases?” Well, their time has come. Pull them out and fill ’em with flowers. Your house will look polished and have a happy vibe. We know it’s really just a cheap psychological trick, but it works.

Show off the Tchotchkes: Suuuuure, you loved that “I Heart Boston” snow globe, the Russian doll, the Appalachian woven basket. So much so that you wanted to keep them safe (very safe) in your storage unit. But when ol’ Betty and Bob come over, they’ll be looking around for the gifts they bought you. So keep all the knickknacks you were given in a box under your bed and quickly display them right before your in-laws arrive.


justthefacts 9 years, 7 months ago

What kind of family does this writer have? One full of fakes? Be nice, sure. But don't be fake.

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