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Coach’s teams square off in 6U battle

April 5, 2006


In what looked like an April Fool's Day prank, Sylvester Wilson showed up in blue, but was promptly told to put on a red jerse, the color of the opposing team. This was no joke however. On Saturday the 6U Jayhawks and Bobcats share were sharing more than the same coach, Johnny Paradise, or the practice field, they needed to share players so the game could take place. Despite the team's mutual knowledge of each other, the Bobcats stomped the Jayhawks 12-3 Saturday at Youth Sports Inc.

Taking each other on, three on three, the two rosters juggled players back and forth until they had equal players for their season opener. At the 6U rank, the players spend the majority of the game learning the basics.

"There are no actual assigned positions," Paradise said. "There's no goalie, so each person is in charge of defense as well as offense."

The Bobcats kept the kids in red on the defensive from very beginning of the game. The Jayhawks kept them at bay for a good chunk of time, however, the Cats managed to get ahead early on. The first quarter finished out with the Bobcats leading 1-0.

The Hawks kept their defense rock solid going into the second, stopping the blue tidal wave. The Bobcats managed to keep their power at full blast, hitting their second goal of the game. Wilson cleared out the defensive zone for the Jayhawks, but the ball went wild.

Bobcat Grayson Gilbert kept notching up tallies on the board, sinking both the third and fourth goals for his team. Bobcat Riley Paradise hit the fifth, leaving the Jayhawks grasping at straws.

Dorian Vale came to the rescue of the flailing Jayhawks, sneaking in the first goal. He quickly closed out the first half with another for his team, firing up the passions of the red shirts, who only trailed by four at the half.

The Jayhawks brought in a fourth player in the third to help even out the odds against the miniature juggernauts. This didn't stop the Bobcats from keeping up their ironclad offense, putting another point on the board at the start of the new quarter. The fourth player helped slow down the Bobcat onslaught.

Vale scored the third and final goal for his team shortly before the end of the third quarter. The Bobcats took the ball downfield, hammering one more nail in the coffin before the third quarter finished out.

In the fourth quarter the Bobcats completely dominated their opponents. To fire up the enthusiasm on both sides, Paradise brought in both teams for a six-on-six scramble to close out the game. Both teams worked on spreading out, closing out the game 12-3.

Paradise is pleased with how both of his teams performed during their season opening game, which essentially resembled their weekly practice session.

"Both teams were really aggressive," he said. "They really went after the ball. They did great."


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