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Young ‘impressive’

Motivated Texas QB burns Kansas

November 13, 2005


— The week started with Texas junior quarterback Vince Young blasting Mark Mangino with words, and it ended with him blistering Mangino's team with passes.

A Heisman Trophy candidate, Young completed 19 of 27 passes for 281 yards and four touchdowns, and all the touchdowns and all but 18 of the yards came in the first half of Saturday's 66-14 Texas victory over Kansas University.

Predictably, Texas coach Mack Brown downplayed whatever effect Young's anger over Mangino's postgame tirade of a year ago might have had on the junior quarterback during the game.

"I felt like this was more about us than it was about them," Brown said. "He plays that way every week, and it probably caught him off guard Monday when someone asked about it. And Mark apologized for those comments after last year. They've got a chance to go to a bowl game if they can beat Iowa State at home next week. I did feel Vince played well tonight. But he does every week. He's just really driven."

Mangino summed up Young's performance in one word: "Impressive."

"I can see why so many people consider him a front-runner for the Heisman," Mangino said. "I don't have a vote, but he played like a Heisman Trophy guy tonight. He's impressive. What's really impressive is he throws the ball sometimes from his hip. I mean, the ball's down here, and he throws it, and he's right on the money. Amazing. That tells you what a talented young guy he is."

For the first time in his career, Young's rushing total was in the red. Not that it was any consolation to a team that trailed 52-0 at the half, but the KU defense held Young to minus-four yards rushing.

With Young, a defense has to pick its poison, and the Jayhawks clearly decided to open the game by forcing Young to beat them with the pass, and he did so with the help of tall receivers.

"It was a little hot, and we wanted them pass-rushing early, and we knew that they were coming in with their whole focus being to stop the run," Brown said. "We felt like what we would do was start throwing the ball all over the place to let them understand that we were going to try to win the game, we weren't going to be stubborn. But then when they started spreading out, we were able to get our rushing yards."

In extending their winning streak to 17 games, the Longhorns had four different running backs who gained 57 or more yards. Ramonce Taylor led all rushers with 96 yards and two touchdowns.

"Kansas has got a great defense, and we're really, really proud as you look back at the stats, of the 336 yards rushing, because it's a rushing defense that on the year is giving up about 64 yards a game," Brown said. "I thought our offensive staff and Vince did a good job of getting some balls deep because they had so many guys around the line of scrimmage early."

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