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Postcard from Atlanta

March 30, 2002


— Seats in the Georgia Dome's upper reaches offer a fine vantage point for watching NFL football.

James Thompson, a Jayhawk fan since his days living in Wichita, found that out the hard way. He spent $120 face value for a ticket to the Jayhawks' game today at the Final Four and assessed his position in the fourth deck of the dome Friday during KU's practice.

It's nearly the length of a football field away from Roy Williams' seat on the bench. For Thompson, there will be no discerning whether Williams is feeling confident before tonight's showdown with Maryland. He won't be able to detect the rising tension of Terrapin players as they fight another KU onslaught.

Heck, Thompson will need binoculars to ID the type of fruit-flavored basketball that substitutes for the "o" in Final Four logo at center court. (It's a peach.)

There will be about 20,000 people in the same predicament. It comes down to numbers. A crowd of 55,000 has to sit somewhere.

Know what? It doesn't matter.

"A guy followed me up there to the seat," Thompson said. "He offered me $500 for the ticket. I didn't take it."

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