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Stamp again features eagle

June 30, 2002


The American Eagle flies again on a U.S. stamp.

This time the eagle is the centerpiece of a stamp design appearing on a new 60-cent (2-ounce rate) definitive stamp. Featured is an artistic rendering by Arthur G. Merkley of a detail from a coverlet made circa 1853 by weaver Harry Tyler.

A coverlet is the top covering of a bed usually referred to as a bedspread. The eagles on Tyler's coverlets were his individual signature.

The eagle's wings spread from side to side of the stamp. Above are the words "E Pluribus Unum," which is part of the official seal of the United States. The translation is "Out of Many One." At the bottom left is "USA" and bottom right "60."

Merkley's rendering is part of the "Index of American Design" a visual record of American material culture now housed at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, reports the U.S. Postal Service.

The new stamp will be released July 12 at the Americover Show in Oak Brook, Ill., and goes on sale nationwide July 13.

First-day-of-issue postmarks are available by mail. You can buy the stamps at your local post office. Affix the stamp to your envelope, place in a larger envelope addressed to Coverlet Eagle Definitive Stamp, Postmaster, 1314 Kensington St., Oak Brook, IL, 60523-9998. All orders must be postmarked by Aug. 12. You also can call (800)-STAMP-24.

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