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White, Yeahpau share samples of works

January 27, 2002


to colorado and back every summer

i have only known her from

hays, mcpherson, colby

truck stops and motels,

prosaic brochures that show endless prairie

i have never claimed real kansas

but i feel her now, shrinking back

from the grasp of those who would slice her up

map her out for matching houses,

only colors within five stages of beige

skeletal buildings and cranes live on the western horizon

future corporate headquarters and convention centers

there is a movement at night under the ground,

the east sprawling and crawling, the constant construction

all encroaching farther west, like the first settlers

taking away another piece of the soul

this country had before we came

soon we will all be children of the suburbs

by Alice Ann White

From "I Remember I Was Only Fourteen (An Indian's First Love)" by Thomas Yeahpau. The short story is about a 14-year-old boy's first sexual experience, with a 13-year-old girl.

"I remember it was at this time she started talking about our future a lot. She told me she liked to plan ahead to keep her from drinking and I found it ironic because I always drank, so I didn't have to plan ahead. Her plans were to have three children with me and name them The Past, The Present and The Future. Once, she explained to me how she would abort The Past, but give birth to The Present and The Future. The Present would be all hers and she would nurture it as best as she could, but the third child, The Future, would be all mine and I had to raise it up to be beautiful and worry-free. The Future had to be better than The Present and it was all up to me to make sure it happened that way."

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