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January 27, 2002


To the editor:

This letter is in response to the article written by Chuck Woodling regarding Haskell and their woes with the football team. I applaud Mr. Woodling for examining the reasons that Haskell has struggled putting a competitive team on the field. I take exception to his portrayal of the student athletes at Gallaudet being hindered by their deafness. If Mr. Woodling would take a closer look at the issue he would see the success that deaf athletes have had in the recent past.

One example is that of Kenny Walker. Mr. Walker was an All-American at Nebraska and played professionally with the Denver Broncos. I believe we are aware of the level of talent it takes to succeed in both of those programs. I wish we could do more to lessen the stereotypes associated with deafness and less to perpetuate them.

Chad Sublet,


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