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In the halls

January 24, 2002


How much time do you spend on the computer daily?

Travis Karr, 18 years old, senior

"I'm not on the computer very much at all. I'm just not into the Internet."

Laura Cooper, 16 years old, sophomore

"Between homework and talking to friends, probably like two or so hours."

Dane Morris, 16 years old, sophomore

"Probably one and a half hours. I mostly talk to people. It's pretty much an alternative to the phone."

Dan Saunders, 16 years old, junior

"Two hours. I get online to talk to people, check out Web sites, all of that."

Kyle Frank, 17 years old, junior

"Probably an hour a week, if that. I have other things to do."

Justin Stevens, 17 years old, senior

"An hour every day in computer class."

Katy Vormehr, 18 years old, senior

"Probably up to two or three hours a night."

Brityn Nieder, 17 years old, senior

"An hour at the most."

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