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January 21, 2002


Taking flight gets personal

Those magnificent men and their personal flying machines are finally getting their project off the ground.

A personal flying machine carrying a test pilot was airborne for 19 seconds recently, and the video of the breakthrough flight is at the Solotrek Web site.

The Solotrek, above, is a personal vehicle that one steps on, straps on and flies. The goal is to get this ultracompact aircraft to fly or hover for up to two hours, or travel 120 nautical miles on regular gasoline, and lots of venture capital.

Get a great photo finish at a reasonable price

Several great photo printers can be bought for $200 or more, but Epson's Stylus Photo 820 won't set you back more than $150 making it a best buy for a six-color photo ink jet printer.

The Stylus Photo 820, below, with a maximum resolution of 2,880 by 720 dots per inch, uses the same Advanced Micro Piezo inkjet technology found on Epson's higher-end consumer printers. The nozzles on the inkjet spray fine droplets of ink on your photo paper to produce clear, good-looking photographs without the tiny tell-tale dots seen in images proofed on older inexpensive inkjets.

Reader downloads in a flash

Bigger pictures from better digital cameras have left digital camera lovers in a quandary. How do we move them quickly from digital media cards to computers for editing and printing?

Microtech International has answered our prayers by offering the FireWire CameraMate Digital Film Reader ($100), a Compact Flash card reader that uses the IEEE 1394 standard. That means the FireWire CameraMate delivers images at connection speeds up to 400 megabits per second.

The device can be used with PCs and Macintosh computers.

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