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January 20, 2002


BARCELONA: Two al-Qaida suspects arrested by Spanish police

Police arrested two suspected members of Osama bin Laden's terrorist network al-Qaida on Saturday in northeastern Spain, news reports said.

The two, a Moroccan and an Algerian, were arrested in Hospitalet, a town just north of the northeastern port city of Barcelona, on a warrant by Judge Baltasar Garzon as part of an operation that saw eight people jailed in Spain last November for their alleged role in the Sept. 11 attacks.

Saudi Arabia: Report: Saudi terror suspect suffered mental pressure

One of five terror suspects identified by the FBI on a videotape, Khalid Ibn Muhammad al-Juhani, is a Saudi national who has been suffering from mental problems, his family told a Saudi newspaper Saturday.

The state-controlled paper Al-Watan quoted unidentified family members as saying al-Juhani got involved in the Afghan civil war in 1992 at the age of 18 and fought for three years before returning to Saudi Arabia.

LONDON: Bomb threat forces jet to make emergency landing

A passenger jet flying from Britain to Florida with 340 people on board was diverted to Iceland on Saturday after the crew found a bomb threat and anti-American messages scrawled on a bathroom mirror in soap. A spokesman for Virgin Atlantic Airways said the threat seemed to be a fake.

The Boeing 747 landed safely at Keflavik airport, 30 miles southwest of the capital Reykjavik, officials said. It had 322 passengers and 18 crew on board.

Saudi Arabia: Preacher lauded by al-Qaida dies of heart attack at 77

An Islamic cleric who was praised by the al-Qaida terror group and censured by the Saudi government, Sheik Hammoud bin Oqla al-Shoeiby, died Saturday of a heart attack at the King Fahd hospital in Breida, central Saudi Arabia.

Although blind, al-Shoeiby rose to become a leading Islamic scholar in Saudi Arabia. His students included the country's mufti, the current minister of justice and a former Islamic affairs minister.

He came to wider notice in October when he issued a fatwa, or religious edict, calling for holy war against the United States in support of the Taliban regime in Afghanistan and their al-Qaida allies.

Cuba: Prisoner injures guard in scuffle at Guantanamo

An agitated prisoner bit the arm of an Army guard at Camp X-Ray in the first reported scuffle at America's week-old offshore terrorist prison, the senior commander said Saturday.

The biting occurred Wednesday, he said, when MPs decided to move a "somewhat upset" prisoner to a different cell.

The unidentified captive from Afghanistan did not break the skin of the guard's forearm, who was examined and has since returned to work.

The guard's name was not released.

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