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Series examines the basics of education

January 11, 2002


Next week, the Journal-World, 6News and World Online will present a four-day series titled "The 3Rs: Basics of Education."

Education reporters Trish Ayers, of 6News, and Tim Carpenter, of the J-W, will report on how three Lawrence schools individually excell at reading, 'riting and 'rithmetic.

And Michael Newman, Online Entertainment manager, will report on how the fine arts picture fits in when school districts concentrate on the basics.

We'll also have online-only exclusives on this site in the next week, including a poll, links to a community forum discussion on the 3Rs and a link to our schools site that includes school report cards.

You can also e-mail questions about the basics to Lawrence's schools Supt. Gary Weseman, who has agreed to have his responses posted on this site.

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