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In the halls

January 10, 2002


"Oh yeah. There's a lot of elbow throwing, like at our last home (basketball) game."

Danny Weaverling, 18 years old, senior

"I think they can be violent. Some people get into games too much and take things too seriously. But I think that as long as it's fun, it's all right."

Joe Bell, 18 years old, senior

"Yes I do, because there are many good rivalries, and emotions start flying during rivalries."

Ian Higgins, 18 years old, senior

"Yes, because when you get all caught up in the game, it's easier for your temper to go."

Shira Flescher, 18 years old, senior

"I think they can. I think they get more competitive as you get older. I think in high school people are looking for more recognition from newspapers and college recruiters."

Gary Johnson, 18 years old, senior

"Yeah, especially with hometown rivalries. When we play Free State it gets violent."

Heidi Schellman, 17 years old, senior

"I think it can be. I think what makes it most violent is rivalries. When we were playing Free State, it was more careless because it was about the rivalry so it was more violent."

Brandon Bowman, 16 years old, junior

"I think it can be violent if they're not playing correctly."

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