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Congressman: Selig must go

January 10, 2002


— The House Judiciary Committee's ranking Democrat urged Bud Selig to resign Wednesday, saying the commissioner appeared to violate major league rules in a 1995 loan from a company controlled by the owner of the Minnesota Twins.

Rep. John Conyers Jr. of Michigan said the loan created an "irreparable conflict of interest" for Selig in his plan to fold two franchises, a proposal that most likely would include the Twins.

"In light of this disclosure and your apparent unwillingness to reveal other financial information that you assert supports your decision to eliminate two baseball teams, I regret that I must call on you to resign as commissioner of major league baseball," Conyers wrote in a letter to Selig that the congressman released.

Selig released a two-page letter to Conyers, saying he "was both stunned and disappointed to receive your letter."

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