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January 6, 2002


Tropical bird taken from store

A Lawrence pet store was targeted by thieves late Friday or early Saturday. It's the second animal theft from Pet World, 711 W. 23rd St., in a month.

The latest victim is a blue and gold macaw, a large parrot native to South and Central America. It appears that someone threw a rock through the store's glass front door to gain entry, Lawrence Police Sgt. Paul Fellers said.

Nothing was taken from inside the store except the bird, which is valued at $1,500. Damage to the door is estimated at $350.

After the store closed Dec. 13, someone used the same method to get inside, that time stealing two pug puppies valued at $600 each. The store's owner expressed concern then that the thieves did not take anything to care for the dogs. One of the puppies was recovered two days later in a field near 31st and Iowa streets.

Slick roads cause wrecks

Slick spots on city and county roads Saturday night caused several minor accidents.

Douglas County Sheriff's deputies worked three separate one-vehicle accidents about 8:30 p.m. on a stretch of County Road 1055 known as Baldwin Hill, halfway between Vinland and Baldwin, Lt. Kathy Tate said.

The accidents were unrelated: One occurred at the top of the hill, another near the middle and the third at the bottom, Tate said. One driver suffered minor injuries, but no one was taken to the hospital.

Deputies closed the road for about half an hour to apply de-icing chemicals, Tate said.

Lawrence Police Sgt. Paul Fellers said police had responded to several minor fender-benders in the city.

City and county crews were spreading salt and chemicals in anticipation of freezing precipitation and a chance of flurries overnight and this morning.

WeatherData, a private forecasting service in Wichita, predicted a chance of snow today, with a morning low in the teens and a daytime high of 34.

But the beginning of the work week should shape up nicely, with unseasonably warm highs of 43 on Monday and 52 on Tuesday.

Police investigate report of prescription forgery

Lawrence Police are investigating a report by a local pharmacist that a Lawrence woman forged a prescription to obtain a painkiller.

A 28-year-old male pharmacist at Medical Arts Pharmacy, 346 Maine, filled what looked like a valid prescription for a 49-year-old woman Dec. 26, Lawrence Police Sgt. Paul Fellers said.

The prescription was for OxyContin, a painkiller with an addiction potential similar to morphine that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has warned is increasingly being abused and used recreationally. The FDA reports that in several cases, inappropriate use of OxyCotin has been associated with serious consequences, including death.

The Lawrence pharmacist reported the apparent forgery to police on Jan. 3, after he received a call on a hotline warning that the woman had forged prescriptions in the past, Fellers said. When the pharmacist called the doctor from whom the prescription seemed to be issued, the doctor said he had not written the prescription.

Police on Saturday had not yet contacted the woman, Fellers said.

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