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Old home town - 25 and 40 years ago today

April 10, 2002


A group of junior high pupils touring the Bowersock property that was due to become a city hall site found the region "unsightly," "embarrassing" and "badly kept." They concluded substantial cleanup and renovation would be needed to make in presentable as a municipal area.

It took six hours, three tries and a repair crew from Kansas City to get the city's tornado warning system working satisfactorily after a number of embarrassing misfires.

IN 1962

County coroner James Reed said his office still had not been able to determine the cause of the death of John Abrahamzon, a Nebraska student who died suddenly during a visit here for the Big Eight Interfraternity and Panhellenic Council Conference. An autopsy was performed but no final deductions could be made, Reed said.

The local Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) to benefit Kansas University topped the $16,000 level, a record. The goal was to provide more and better loan funds for needy students.

The 1962 building pace for three months here maintained a slight edge over the January-March period of 1961, with the total figure for 1962 just more than $1.1 million.

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