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Harness color’s power for a personal touch

September 30, 2001


Matt's biggest dream is that one of these days, I'll be perfectly satisfied with the first color I choose, and after one simple sample board, his work is complete. Well, he is dreaming if he thinks that will ever happen.

And how could it? Color is such a complex phenomenon. I think many of us don't give it a second thought because we grew up with it.

From the first moment a touch of red or yellow caught our eyes as infants, to our first coloring experience with crayons, color has been a daily experience. Because of this, I think its wonder and powers are often overlooked.

Think about it for a moment. How could we live without color?

It's a phenomenon related to light that affects our bodies and minds even more than we might think. I've personally been looking for an opportunity to really research color and delve into the mysteries behind it. In just a few readings I've discovered that there's so much information and speculation surrounding the topic that I'm compelled to let you in on some of the basics of color as well as some of the amazing powers it holds.

Building on the basic knowledge of the color wheel, I want to explain how to use colors in combination. To do this, it's important to understand the layout of the color wheel.

There are natural color combinations like monochromatic (one color), analogous (similar colors) and complementary (opposite colors) that will make you glad you learned about them.

Did you know that each color has a personality of its own, just like we do? By understanding color personalities (a.k.a. color psychology), you can choose colors that are right for you and your family.

Color can also solve all kinds of decorating problems. It can make large rooms look smaller and narrow rooms look wider. Just think about how color can improve your own personal dimensions.

For instance, I prefer to wear a black bathing suit; for slacks I choose black. For formal wear you guessed it black. Why? Because dark colors make things (if you know what I mean) look smaller.

Hey, there's even something called a personal color aura. If you are healthy emotionally and physically, your body should be radiating a full spectrum aura. Now that sounds like a fun topic to research. If nothing else, it would make for some interesting party talk.

Well, as you can see, I just can't stop talking about color. It's a topic as deep as its darkest hue.

Shari Hiller writes this column with Matt Fox. They also co-host the Home and Garden Television show "Room by Room." For more information, visit Distributed by Scripps Howard News Service.

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