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9-23 Oregon travel story breakout

September 23, 2001


l Most campgrounds provide trash cans where litter should be deposited. Never throw leftover trash into fire rings or on the ground. Food scraps also should be deposited in trash cans. If trash cans aren't available, pack it and throw it out at the next stop.

l Be respectful of campers around you. This means keeping the noise level at a minimum after dark, when families with children might be sleeping. Loud, booming stereos disturb the shared serenity of the area. Bright lights that light up your particular camping area like some sort of outdoor stadium also take away from the natural state of sleeping in the outdoors.

l Adhere to the campsite's guidelines concerning wildlife. Make sure food is packed up in a secure place, such as your car. Do not try to feed or attract wildlife to your campsite.

l Follow the campsite's guidelines concerning building fires. Some places will let you build fires, others will not. This often depends on how dry the area is that year and how vulnerable it is to forest fires. Never throw cigarette butts out of a car window or in your camping area.

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