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Zanardi improving

September 22, 2001


— Alex Zanardi might be released from intensive care in a few days following a crash that forced the amputation of his legs.

The two-time CART champion was injured Saturday and came out of an induced coma Wednesday.

"He could be released any time from Sunday to the following week," Dr. Walter Schaffartzik said Friday. "We have to do this on the basis of his recovery."

Zanardi emerged from the coma slowly Wednesday night after doctors reduced drugs that induced the state, which lessened the chance of organ failure. He regained full consciousness Thursday when the sedatives wore off, doctors said.

The 34-year-old Italian, one of CART's most popular drivers, underwent another operation Friday to check his progress.

CART official Mike Zizzo said the driver, upon regaining his ability to speak Thursday, first spoke to his wife, Daniela.

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