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September 22, 2001


Editor's note: On Friday, Lawrence barber R.C. Pewtress and his wife, Betty Pewtress, who live in rural Baldwin received this letter from their friends Susanne and Frank Roser, who live in Germany. Last week's terrorist attacks killed 205 Germans as well as 300 Britons.

I'm sorry, but I can not start this mail with a joke, because since Sept. 11 the time of fun and jokes are history. Myself, as a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany, have to express my deep feelings for the people of the United States of America.

Even in German language I'm not able to express my regrets to what happened, so please excuse that I can't tell you in English. All I can say is, that I never ever in my life have seen this country (Germany) so struck down, and unique in the opinion of take revenge in the hardest way possible. Please tell all your friends in the U.S. that it is not only political "small talk" of supporting the U.S., this time it is every single citizen of this country who is willing to do whatever is needed to support your country.

Everybody, worker or manager, is ready to give whatever he has or is able to do, to help your country. Even the older generations, knowing the bombings by allied forces in W.W. II say, that the U.S. killed thousands but after 1945 saved 10,000 lives. As I said, I cannot tell you what my country and I are feeling. I know there is not much we can do (military) because the power of the U.S. is beyond belief but I think the little things like giving blood, even that is helpful. So please tell everybody that my country and every single person are supporters of the U.S. Myself as an officer, learned it the hard way. We have the highest state of readiness since World War II. All of our aircraft has been called back from foreign countries. We are ready for the war which is imminent, especially for my headquarters

So please be careful because my visit to you should be on the reason of fun and joy and not a meeting on the graveyard. I think I have to stop now, because I cannot find the right words for the actual situation. Maybe you can give this message to your local press, so that your state and country knows, that even down to a simple citizen we are with you and support you.


Frank and Susanne Roser,


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