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Two students from Kuwait may be leaving KU

September 22, 2001


With tensions increasing after the terrorist attack on the United States, a small number of Middle Eastern students are leaving schools nationwide to return to their homes.

Joe Potts, director of International Student Services at KU, said he has heard that two KU students from Kuwait are considering going back.

"The only reason I was given was family concerns," Potts said. He said he did not know who they were.

KU has about 1,620 students from foreign countries, about 125 from the Middle East.

He said embassies from those countries are advising the parents of students that their children are safe in the United States.

But, he said, it's understandable that parents in the Middle East are worrying about how their sons and daughters are being treated.

In Lawrence, he said, Middle Eastern students have been well-treated. "The students from the Middle Eastern countries have felt grateful by the way the community has reached out to them. I feel very proud about Lawrence," he said.

But, he said, there have been several isolated incidents where Middle Eastern students have been yelled at.

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