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Protect the flag

September 22, 2001


To the editor:

There have been countless reasons that people have used to desecrate the American flag: Opposition to war, outcries of civil rights violations, hatred of government officials, high taxes, and anarchy. These are all legitimate excuses for outrage and for the desire to do something for one's cause, but to burn our national symbol is a sad and pointless cry for attention that we as a country could do without.

How are we to appear strong if our weakness is so blatant and obvious as to allow the defilement of that which the majority of us hold so dear? The people that do this don't help their cause or anyone else's by destroying our flag. It doesn't make any sense most of them would spit on the Constitution itself if given the chance. These so-called anarchists believe in having no government and free will to all with no exceptions. That is not a realistic situation, as every time it has been presented to mankind, we ruin it.

It is in our nature to destroy ourselves if not restrained. That is why we have this complex government. Sure, it makes mistakes, and justice is not always served, but that is a relatively painless price to pay for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And the most prominent symbol of that liberty, the symbol of our freedom presented to the world, is our "Star-Spangled Banner." To violate it, in any way, is to throw away all that which our ancestors have fought and died for over the short lifetime of the United States.

"United." Perhaps these estranged folks have forgotten what the word means. It means togetherness, one, existing with the will to benefit all within the whole. It is a sad thing to admit that this country doesn't follow that path anymore. Most people in our society are interested only in themselves. If we are headed for war, it will be the wake-up call that is needed so desperately in this hour of crisis.

Andrew Bullington,


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