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Left and right

September 22, 2001


To the editor:

In all the reaction to the madness of Sept.11, it has been fascinating to listen to the similarities between those on the far left and those on the far right.

Jerry Falwell and his compatriots on the right see the attacks as America getting its due because of its moral decay and a host of what they view as social ills. Various folks to the other extreme view the attacks as America getting its due because of its voracious and domineering economy and culture as well as a host of our government's sins.

What statements from both groups seem to indicate is that the attacks were in some way "justice" at work. Besides the fact that both groups would be mortified to wake up and realize that they have reached the same conclusion as people whom they so detest, what it shows to me is that both are a little goofy.

Sitting here in the broad middle of American political opinion it seems obvious that "justice" has nothing to do with the 5,000-plus mothers, fathers and children mixed with the ashes in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania. Do I want our response to be simply an equal measure of madness and savagery? Absolutely not. Do I want the persons responsible stopped and treated as the criminals they are? As if my children's lives depended on it.

Scott Morgan,


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