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A tough order

September 22, 2001


To the editor:

I have eight good reasons why the criminals who attacked last week should have a swift and final judgment brought down on them. Luckily, my brother and six other relatives and close family friends escaped those buildings in time. One is still unaccounted for and presumed lost.

I consider these true "acts of war" and support going to war against these unseen enemies. But more important than any revenge or retribution is ensuring that, as we fight this war, we always have as our goal winning the peace afterward.

This means proceeding in ways that accomplish the strategic or tactical security/military/anti-terrorist goals while also ensuring these activities don't enhance the terrorists' ability to recruit new members. This is a tough order to fill, but taking the long view by thinking what comes after the war may help us to see clearly our way through.

Larry Kipp,


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