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Terror hindsight

September 16, 2001


To the editor:

Perhaps Mr. Bennett does not fully grasp the events of Tuesday the 11th. With planes falling from the sky, what was Washington to do? Was Congress to "take a stand" at the capitol and die if a fifth plane were to hit? Would that make our morale higher now, knowing our representatives died for nothing?

The outrage would be why they were not warned and evacuated. Why send anyone, especially our leaders into harm's way? I also believe you are terribly misinformed of our intelligence community. Terrorists to not wear plastic explosives and automatic rifles into our nation's airports. They do not set up recruitment booths on street corners. You should give them more credit for being difficult to detect. On the other hand, accusing the CIA and National Security Administration of shirking their duties is a slap in the face.

You try finding out about terrorist cells that can kill spies and disappear into the deserts. You suggest Congress and our president were cowards for running. Will anyone dare to say same the same of those working at the towers? The firefighters and police of New York ran because their lives were in danger. Do we doubt that our president may have been as well? He was on his way to New York before being diverted because of the risk more planes may fall. Who would be the fool then? Lured into a trap, suckered by those same rogues who seem so easy to find after the fact, where it's easy to point fingers and accuse. Easy to say what we should have done. Easy to find what their target had been.

Andy Sneegas,


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