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SUN Doug Witt breakout

September 16, 2001


l Don't waste time. Share with your loved ones what you'd like to do with the remaining time in your life -- travel, getting together with old friends, etc. Be realistic, but set down your plans in detail and take action.

l Tie up loose ends. Think about what the unresolved issues are for you with your family and what you can do to achieve some closure. For example, tell someone you forgive him or her for a past conflict. Get closure for the unfinished parts of your life.

l Tell your story. Make a video or audiotape for your children or grandchildren, telling them stories of your life and candidly sharing your feelings for them.

l Write it down: Think of writing as a conversation with yourself. Writing about your life in its final stages may not cure your illness, but finding words to describe what you're feeling can be emotionally comforting and help you find meaning.

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