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September 16, 2001


Calorie burners

Turn garden work into garden exercise.

Digging, shoveling and turning compost are big calorie burners 250 to 350 calories per half-hour.

Rake, hoe or weed in terms of repetitions and sets, letting each activity last at least eight minutes.

Use a push mower instead a rider; if your lawn is too big to cut without a rider, set aside a portion of your lawn for a pusher mower.

Lasting roses

Want to prolong the life of your cut roses? Choose blossoms that are still fairly tight; you want them to open indoors.

Count back on the stem to the first five-leaflet leaf, and cut the stem just above it. Cut on a severe slant to give the stem maximum surface area.

Fill a tall conditioning can such as florists use (or any tall container) with water, and plunge the cut roses into the can. Let the roses soak 24 hours, then arrange them in a vase of water.

Drop a couple of pennies into the vase. The copper inhibits bacteria growth. Without an inhibitor, bacteria growth at the base of the stems prevents adequate water intake, causing the roses to wilt.

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