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Reasonable course

September 16, 2001


To the editor:

I strongly disagree with Curtis Bennett's assertion that the government behaved negligently or unsatisfactorily in response to the attack on the World Trade Center. Mr. Bennett implies that the president and Congress did not care because they did not immediately drop everything and go to New York. What good would a photo-op have done at that point? As tragic as Tuesday's incident is, our government leaders' first responsibility is to the nation, not just the city of New York. I believe their actions recognized this responsibility.

Mr. Bennett also states that it is the government's job to protect us, but how can they do that unless they first protect themselves? Mr. Bennett also demands that the government could have prevented this situation. Exactly how could this have been accomplished? Should we have shot the airliners out of the sky as soon as they veered off course? Should we have implemented martial law immediately after the 1993 attack at the World Trade Center? For that matter, should we have implemented martial law on Dec. 8, 1941? I seriously doubt that even these tactics would have been successful against the madmen that planned and perpetuated this cowardly act.

Steve Locke,


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