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Porky Pig wraps up cartoon series

September 16, 2001


To kick off National Stamp Collecting Month in October, the United States Postal Service will issue a commemorative stamp featuring the cartoon character Porky Pig delivering the mail.

The 34-cent stamp will be available nationwide Oct. 2 in souvenir sheets of 10 self-adhesive stamps.

It is the fifth and last stamp in the U.S. Postal Service's Looney Tunes series. Previous stamps in the series include Bugs Bunny, Sylvester and Tweety, Daffy Duck, and Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner.

First-day covers are available by mail. Affix the stamp to an addressed envelope and place it in a larger envelope addressed to: That's All Folks Commemorative Stamp, Postmaster, 325 North Maple Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210-9991. Orders must be postmarked by Oct. 31.

Animal series

Animals are popular subjects for stamps. Liberia has released three sheetlets of stamps and two souvenir sheets highlighting American wildlife species. The featured animals include the white rhinoceros, antelope, impala, gorilla, warthog and wild boar.

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