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Old Home Town - 25, 40, and 100 years ago today

September 16, 2001


IN 1976

A $250,000 fire gutted the major portion of Vincent's Furniture and Appliance Store at 724 Mass. the cause of the spectacular blaze was not readily determined but the entire area was endangered for several hours before firefighters gained control of the raging flames.

Lawrence Mayor Fred Pence said he would not seek re-election to the city commission in the 1977 elections. He said the press of family and personal business matters dictated his stepping out after his current term in office. The seats of Pence, Barkley Clark and Carl Mibeck were to be contested in the coming April general election. Pence was a lawn and garden and nursery agency owner and operator.

IN 1961

William Collinson, manager of the local Southwestern Bell telephone operation, said Sept. 13 had been the busiest day in city history for outgoing long-distance phone calls. He said "students getting settled in and adjusted" accounted for the great rise in communication activity.

A 40-degree morning temperature, a record low for the date, was recorded. It shattered the previous Sept. 15 mark of 46. Residents admitted they were basking in the cooler weather after a long siege of heat and drought.

IN 1901

On Sept. 16, 1901, in the wake of the assassination of Pres. McKinley, the Lawrence World's headline read "Loyal Prisoners." and the paper noted "The prisoners of the county jail have issued the following letter, and it is one that will touch the hearts of the people. Deprived of liberty themselves these people have not forsaken their country, and still have a deep regard for its welfare: 'Editor World: We understand that some of the citizens of this city think we are anarchists, which is a gross mistake and also an injustice. While some have acknowledged to wrong-doing and others are held awaiting the actions of the court, their misdemeanors neither make them outlaws or anarchists. Our loyalty to the government is equal to that of the most respected citizen. Anarchists say do away with the law. Do away with the law and the ultimatum is barbarism. No one wants that, though they be hardened criminals. Politically we are about evenly divided. It is not the assassination of McKinley, a republican, it is the assassination of the chief executive of the greatest, grandest and most glorious nation on the face of God's foot stool. The crime and what it portends is too great to realize. These are the sentiments of the INMATES OF THE COUNTY JAIL OF DOUGLAS CO. KANSAS,"

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