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Love, not hate

September 15, 2001


To the editor:

"Thou Shalt Not Kill." Anger fills many Americans' souls. But we must not act out of anger. Anger in the souls of many terrorists inspired the actions of Tuesday. This anger was and is wrong. Jesus taught us to be loving people, even toward our enemies. The terrorists, whoever they may be, had no right to take the lives of American citizens. Only God should be able to take life.

I only pray that we Americans will not kill others. We saw clearly Tuesday that violence is not the answer. We sink to the level of these terrorists and separate ourselves from the words of God, if we also kill and destroy the lives and families of others. We hate celebration of Americans deaths, yet we desire to celebrate their death. Let us not enter this vicious cycle of killing. If we kill their families, their (whoever they may be) hatred of Americans and hatred of our families will only be affirmed. They will only desire to kill us more, and we will become the subjects of further attacks.

Jesus knew love, and he refused to kill others back, and he prevailed. Mahatma Gandhi knew love, and he refused to kill others back, and he prevailed. Let us reject hatred and show the world that we Americans know love, not hatred.

Let us seek healing from love, not hate. Do you really wish to inflict this pain upon thousands of other living, human beings elsewhere in the free world? If so, you are no better than the terrorist. If not, then we as a nation must stand resolved not to engage in mass killings in other countries or of other people. Yes, we must bring to justice those responsible. Yes, we must act to bring healing. Yes, we must increase airport security. But, should we inflict this pain upon others? NO! Let us seek healing from love, not hate.

Matthew Hochstetler,

Washington, D.C.,

formerly of Lawrence

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