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Humane groups put focus on abandoned pets

September 14, 2001


— Humane organizations in New York and New Jersey and around the country are calling attention to another victim of the disaster: the abandoned or displaced pets of owners who were evacuated, hospitalized, or may never come home.

Many victims of the bombing could not retrieve their pets. Some of them, especially those of people who lived alone, might have been forgotten for days. But now, the humane network is remembering.

"Now that things are settling a little, people are thinking about other ways this disaster will be felt, and certainly that includes animals," said Janine Motta, a spokeswoman for the N.J. Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA).

"The importance of looking after these animals shouldn't be minimized. They are important to the people who will be coming home to them.

"Just imagine, someone involved with the destruction at the trade center coming home to their pet and finding a corpse."

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