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Heavy heart

September 14, 2001


To the editor:

I, like thousands upon thousands of other Americans, am shocked and disturbed by the attacks that happened to our nation of freedom, Sept. 11, 2001. It seems like a movie playing over and over in my head; I had no idea it would ever come to this, that our country, was this unsafe. I am very hurt by the evil soul that commited this and I can't believe that someone could do such a horrible, sick act and yet rejoice about it. I know there are some crazy people in this world, but this has gone too far.

I want to live in a world were peace is the top priority and is one of the many other advantages of living in the United States. I hate war; I hate it in every way. I don't understand why people think that violence is the only answer, because it's not. And the people who believe that it is, do stupid stuff like this event to innocent, good people and that really hurts my heart.

I cried myself to sleep with the news. I didn't know that so much pain could run through my heart for the victims and families that had been destroyed, when I didn't even know them. So many lives were taken from us Tuesday. Families, love, and relationships were torn apart and destroyed.

But I know one thing about our nation that I want everyone to know, that we are one, that we are strong and will get through this evil act of pain that has been thrown at us. I know we will prevail and show the world that peace is the only way to live. I also want to give my love and support to all the families and relationships who were changed because of this war-like act.

Kim Livingood,


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