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Attack delays funeral, but not weddings

Airline situation causes postponement

September 14, 2001


At least one Lawrence funeral has been cancelled because the air travel ban delayed return of the body.

But the nation's somber mood apparently hasn't put a dent in Lawrence weekend weddings and many other planned social events.

Calls from the Journal-World to about a dozen Lawrence churches turned up no cancellations from those scheduled to tie the knot.

Father Jim Shaughnessy at Corpus Christi Catholic Church said the one Saturday wedding planned there will still occur.

Pastor Jim Duncan at First Presbyterian Church said weddings at his church are going on as scheduled Saturday.

Duncan said he also expects good turnout for Sunday services.

"When the Gulf War happened, people really came to church. We're hoping that will happen now, and we're ready," he said.

The couple that probably traveled the farthest for a Lawrence wedding this week were hitched Thursday in a Douglas County courtroom.

Angus Cameron, 35, and his girlfriend Jean MacDonald, 42, both from Edinburgh, Scotland, have been visiting long-time friends Kirk Branch and wife Laura Prindiville in Lawrence since last Friday. Cameron met the Lawrence couple in 1987 when they spent a year studying abroad in London.

Several weeks ago, Cameron and MacDonald decided to travel to the United States for the first time.

"Neither of us has been to the states before," MacDonald said. "We thought, 'Let's make this really special, and let's get married.'"

Cameron said he and MacDonald didn't want to mess with the hassles of a traditional wedding.

"We didn't want the traditional, meringue dress and festival," he said. "We just love each other and wanted to get married. We just didn't want to do it back home."

Cameron and MacDonald exchanged vows in front of District Court Judge Paula Martin and their Lawrence friends.

The funeral of Martin Erazmus, 39, originally planned for Saturday was postponed because his body could not be flown in time to Lawrence.

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