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Religious Response

September 11, 2001


"I'm horrified. And scared. It's just a general fear. We are going to have a prayer service at 2:45 this afternoon at the church, a prayer service for the victims of terrorism and for our nation," said the Rev. Charles Polifka, pastor of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, 1234 Ky.

The service at St. John today will be open to all members of the community.

"I just put (information about) it on KLWN and KANU. I'm working on the service right now," Polifka said.

"Then at our daily Mass tomorrow at 7:30 a.m., it will be set aside for this whole issue."

St. John is one of Lawrence's largest congregations. It has about 1,200 member families, which represents 3,300 to 3,500 people.

The Rev. James Shaughnessy, pastor of Corpus Christi Catholic Church, 6001 W. 15th St., heard about the New York City disaster when a parishioner called him this morning.

"My response is like everybody's else's -- shock and disbelief. It's kind of hard to imagine," he said.

"I know we're going to have a little prayer service with the school kids that are here; they probably don't what has happened yet."

Corpus Christi will likely try to do what it can help victims of the disaster.

"We will probably find out what's being asked for and needed, and then we'll try to respond with whatever is needed," Shaughnessy said.

"I'll be hanging around here, listening to the news and probably praying myself. We'll probably do something when we can notify our people."

Corpus Christi has about 1,000 member families, which represents about 3,000 people in Lawrence.

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