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September 11, 2001


"We have officers outside watching the perimeter but we've had no threats or anything out of the ordinary," Undersheriff Bill Shepard said.

Lawrence Police were conducting routine patrols and operations around the city, said Lt. David Cobb.

"People in Lawrence should expect the same thing they are used to seeing everyday from the Lawrence Police Department," Cobb said.

Both Lawrence Police Chief Ron Olin and Sheriff Rick Trapp were attending a seminar in Topeka on school violence. Olin was to speak at the seminar and police officials said there were no changes in his plans.

There have been no reports of terroristic threats in Lawrence or Douglas County, Cobb and Shepard said.

Shepard and police officials met briefly this morning at the Law Enforcement Center "just to get our heads together," Shepard said.

Boxes arriving at the center from private delivery services were checked by officers before reaching a final destination. Mainentance areas were being watched, Shepard said. A major renovation is under way in parts of the center.

Douglas County District Court operations were going on as normal, Acting Chief Judge Paula Martin said. Chief Judge Mike Malone was attending a conference Tuesday.

"Obviously, we are aware of what's going on and our hearts go out to those people (in New York)," Martin said.

Nevertheless, employees throughout court and law enforcement offices were listening to radios or watching television when they had the opportunities.

"We've got a couple of radios going but it really hasn't affected things here," Chief Deputy Court Clerk Vernon Anderson said. "Everything's going normally."

Employees, however, were concerned.

"I just think the nation is in a state of shock right now," said Debbie Oakleaf, court reporter for Malone. "Everyone is praying for the victims."

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