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Greeks protest ‘Big Brother’ TV show

September 11, 2001


— Hundreds of demonstrators protested the season opener of Greece's version of the "Big Brother" reality television show on Monday, saying it erodes respect for privacy.

The protesters threw eggs and rocks at the studios of Greece's Antenna television station, which is broadcasting the show. Riot police prevented the protesters from entering the studios. There were no arrests or injuries.

The demonstrators, including anti-globalization factions, were protesting what they call the degradation of life and privacy in the name of profit.

"The basic problem is that it basically violates the private life of people in the name of profit," said Kostas Sarris, a member of the Genoa 2001 initiative against globalization. "It puts a big eye into the lives of people."

During Big Brother, 12 contestants will live for 112 days in a house filled with cameras and microphones following their every move. One by one, the television and Internet audience will vote them off the show. The last one to leave receives a cash prize of $130,000.

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